From Syracuse:
  • Take south through NY, PA, MD, WV, and into VA.

  • About 185 miles into VA you begin to approach the city of Roanoke VA. Follow (exit 143) taking you through Roanoke.

  • Once through Roanoke 581 will turn into continue on 220 south  into NC (Note: in Martinsville, VA you will need to take an exit in order to continue on 220 south).

  • About 25 miles from the NC border 220 will split off, rather than turning left and crossing over 220 north, continue straight on .

  • 68 will bring you past the airport and to .

From Cleveland:
  • Take south through OH, WV, VA, and into NC.
  • Just inside NC you will  take exit 101 on to south.
  • 74 will merge with south.
  • Continue on 52 south toward Winston Salem.
  • 52 will intersect with business.
  • Travel business 40 east which will merge into as you approach Greensboro.

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