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10/22/06 - Katz keep Deacs busy The Deacons came into last nights game expecting to blow out the IceKatz like in previous meetings. Well little did they know the IceKatz had a short bench and we all know what that means! That's right, a lot of hustle, a lot of pressure, and great goal tending. The IceKatz fell short early when a shot deflected of Mike Stoutz and over Chris May. Stoutz accepted the blame even though they both knew it would've been a goal anyways.  With some extensive pressure the IceKatz managed to end the first period down 2-1 with a goal from Johnny D that was a rebound from Mikey Smiths shot that all originated with a centering pass from Greg RN out of the corner. The IceKatz started strong in the 2nd period when Stoutz hit Mike D with a pass coming out of the penalty box, who managed to lob the puck in reach of Jeff Markham for a break away goal to tie the game 2-2. The IceKatz skated short handed for most of the game but it finally took it's toll at the end of the period when the Deacons scored a goal that should never have counted. But that what we have our great officials for. The Deacons would score 2 more in the 3rd period but were unable to get to comfortable. Since the IceKatz continued to pressure the Deacons on both ends of the ice. It finally payed off when Johnny D's rebound found it's way on the stick of Smith who shoveled the puck over to Greg RN to finish the game 6-3.


10/22/06 - IceKatz Take Breakers to the Bank. In the first ever IceKatz vs. Breakers NHL Monopoly tournament Mike Stoutz knocked off Sean Larkin to bring home the victory for the IceKatz.

10/19/06 - Is IceKatz full bench a disadvantage?  The IceKatz bombed their season opener against the Wings 7-1. Unlike their pre season meeting that ended with a two goal loss despite a short bench. The Katz had no lack of subs, no lack of chances, no excuses,.......or was there an excuse? The Katz have constantly had problems on the nights they had a full bench. Maybe to many people going in different directions, maybe to many communication break downs, or maybe they feel they don't have to skate as hard with more people on the bench. The IceKatz face off against the Deacons on sunday, a team they've had plenty of problems with in the past. I guess the question on every ones mind is, full bench or short bench?

10/16/06 - Hispanic Hype.  The IceKatz faced off against the Wings in their pre season game in the new season in the PHA and the story was almost completely in Spanish. When Adam Moses the teams only non American player decided to step up his level of play. With not having skated at all in the off season and looking like he's never skated at all, Moses was able to snipe home 2 first period goals with assist being credited to Markham and Stoutz. The 2nd period was a bit different after realizing the Katz secret weapon the Wings managed to put enough pressure on Moses to shut him down but resulted in freeing up Jeff Markham and Mike Stoutz who both had a goal with  an assist from Omar Kalif.  Despite a stand up job from goal tender Chris May who faced a record number of break aways due to the selfishness of veteran Brian Magyar who refuses to play defense, the Katz lost 6-4. When we interviewed Adam Moses we did not have a translator so we moved on to Chris May who when asked said " I'm just glad Moses is playing for us, a sniper like that......I'd have no chance." What about your defense? " Well I'm definitely not donating a kidney to Magyar." The  IceKatz play the Wings Thursday for their season opener.


June 25 -  IceKatz Take Home Silver.   After a rough start in their first game Friday night losing 9-2 against Microbrew. The IceKatz managed to bring themselves together against the rival Raleigh Rock. Taking a 4-3 lead against the Rock , but  unable to hold the lead allowing them to score in the final 18 sec to tie the game. Saturday evening was a different story when the Icekatz faced off with the Pucktown Puckers. The Icekatz struck 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Earning Chris May his first shut out in the State Games tournament. Sean Larkin was wrongly ejected early in the game for a scuffle after banging in the 2nd goal. Another milestone was a hat trick recorded by the Dirty Dirty himself Kelly Curl and Sean Burns. With the IceKatz finishing in 3rd place they were set to play Raleigh Rock. The only thing to be said about this game was "IceKatz hockey all the way" The Icekatz dominated the Rock from the beginning, and just when the rock thought they were gonna get a break when goalie Chris May was ejected, the Icekatz used some tactical stalling techniques allowing Kelly Curl long enough to throw on the pads and help the IceKatz finish strong winning 6-1, putting the IceKatz in gold medal game. The Katz were to play Microbrew and with the help of some bad calls the Katz were unable to get anything started. The Katz played much better against the Brew this time around but fell short 4-1 giving The Katz the silver medal for the 2nd time. And in further news Zach Dargatz won the hardest slap shot competition with an 82 mph ripper and later hit 85 mph.


May 23 - IceKatz Drop one to Pucktown.  Pucktown proved to be all the IceKatz could handle Tuesday night as they bettered them by a score of 4-2.  With the game came the usual hardnosed play you've come to expect when these two teams meet.  Pucktown took the early lead and never looked back as the IceKatz offense never could get firing on all cylinders.  Both Katz goals came from defensemen with the first from Jeremy Mollison's shot from the point that found the back of the net in the 1st and a "dirty" top shelf rip from Kelly Curl in the 3rd.  The Katz are idle next week and return to action June 6th @ 8:30.

May 10 - IceKatz Victorious In Season Opener.  The IceKatz returned to the GHL for the '06 summer season and  came up with a 3-1 win on Tuesday night. 


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