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Haleakala AM
Atop Haleakala Crater at 4AM, temp 40 degrees
Haleakala sun 1
Waiting for sunrise
Haleakala sun 2
Almost there
Haleakala and Hawaii
In the distance you can see the big island of Hawaii
Haleakala sun 3
The sun finally peeks out

Haleakala moon
Looking to the west you can see the moon
Haleakala and us
This is the last sunrise we will see in a long time
Haleakala sun 4
Don't look directly at the sun!
Haleakala 10000
Elevation 10,000 feet above sea level
Bike trip 1
Scenic view on the bike ride down the crater

Me and the Mrs.
Me and my sweetheart
Stunt biking
Stunt riding is not recommended
Maui downhill
At last, we make it back to sea level
Road to Hana
The Road to Hana is a single lane road around Maui
One lane bridge
The bridges are single lane too!

Waterfall 1
One of the many waterfalls on the way
Scenic Maui 1
The windward side of Maui
Scenic Maui 2
Another beautiful view
Me and Kendra in Hana
Just a couple of honeymooners
Waterfall 2
More falls

Scenic Maui 3
Approaching the southern part of the island
Koki Beach 1
Koki Beach
Koki cliffs
Notice the person walking at the bottom of this cliff
Koki 2
More from Koki Beach
Kendra and Koki 1
Kendra wants to take a quick dip

Kendra and Koki 2
Kendra at Koki
Scenic Maui 4
The southern part of Maui
Mary Shrine
The Virgin Mary Shrine
Hui Church
The Hui Aloha Church
Leeward Maui
The leeward side of the island isn't so green

Falling in Love
Gotta have a self-taken picture next to the falls
Waterfall 3
You can't go a few miles without seeing more falls on the road to Hana
Waterfall 4
Hey look, a waterfall!